24.03.2022 [CLICK BAIT TITLE] (performance)
Finsterbusch Collective

+ Umlilo (dj set)

[CLICK BAIT TITLE] is an event at the intersection of performance, installation, celebration and dance.

Is there a place for us to meet, just the way we are today: humans made from flesh and blood, with overloaded dopamine receptors, shortened attention spans, “socially distanced” and at the same time part of a connected global community?

Glass surfaces, greasy smudges from swiping, typing and zooming, ring lights reflected in HD pupils, the clack of acrylic nails on a retina display. Beyond the touchscreen: a craned neck, blue light on your face, noise-canceling headphones covering your ears. They’re playing “Nothing Compares 2U” by Sinead O’Connor.

Welcome to a dance between the analog and the virtual world. We are moving where otherwise only the glass of the cell phone screen can be found.

Finsterbusch Collective is comprised of Umlilo (she/they), Marketa Pscolkova (she/her), Philip Neuberger (all pronouns), Nicola Zierhut (she/her), Amelie Von Godin (she/her), Fabio Cores (he/him), Juno Peng (they/them).